To facilitate the ongoing success of the event, we have divided up duties in one hour long blocks for volunteers to choose from. Duties are assigned to volunteers on a first come, first serve basis. The types of duties include any of the following: setting up the event, replenishing snacks and drinks, supervising children in the family room, or cleaning up at the end of the night. A volunteer should be task oriented with an ability to work well with other members of the crew. They are expected to be on time for their shift and to complete the tasks provided on hand.

We are always looking for volunteers who enjoy working with kids. We enjoy having people who are active later in the night to help us close up, and we also like to have early birds who can show up an hour before the event to help set up. Finally, we’d like to invite aspiring photographers and DJs to coordinate with our photographers and videographers. Contact us if any of these align with your interests and availability!


Volunteers are offered free admission to the evening’s dance and to its drop in classes in exchange for an hour of their time. Some positions may include monetary compensation due to the nature of the work.

Leadership Opportunities

Volunteers are also recognized when they go above and beyond in their duties, especially when adapting a role of leadership or spending extra time training other individuals to ensure the smooth transition of the shift. These individuals not only complete their tasks on hand, but they also demonstrate the initiative to assist in other areas that need help. They have also demonstrated consistent commitment as a volunteer, and have shown interest in providing more. These individuals are highly sought after, and are acknowledged for their work.

Outside of the Dance Floor

Periodically our volunteers are invited to private events to celebrate the continued success of First Saturday Swing.

Additional Information

For additional inquiries, send an email or send us a message through Facebook. You can also fill out the form below to get yourself on to the list. Come join our crew!