The Staff


First Saturday Swing Instructors retouched
Instructors provide the guidance and knowledge of the dance to other dancers. They impart not only the wisdom and the technical knowledge of the art, but also instill their confidence and their creativity into other dancers. Instructors provide the ongoing strength of the community by sharing that information with their peers and students.

Instructors come from all skill backgrounds, whether they were trained from an instructor at their earlier career or from multiple workshops and developed over time. They may even have prior teacher training skills or proper form from fundamental skills. They are one voice of many teachers, and as a student looking for instructors to work with, it is important to be open minded that one instructor’s teaching method is not the only way to convey the technical idea. Travel and learn from multiple different instructors and find the one that works best for you.

Guest instructors are invited to teach at First Saturday Swing at almost every event. Every month different topics are introduced to keep the concepts fresh and challenging for the intermediate class. In addition, some instructors excel well in conveying their ideas across a larger audience (and might be more suitable for a beginner class).


We provide compensation for instructors that come teach at our event. Contact us for more details on the rates.


First Saturday Swing Charlie PhotographyPhotographers comprise an important part of the growing social media, especially for dance events. They are responsible for capturing special moments throughout the night. They also spend a good portion of their time collecting quality images.

Photographers have a range skills, one includes the knowledge of a photo editing software. They also understand image qualities that conveys ideas. They also have their own set of equipment.

If interested in taking photos for First Saturday Swing, get in touch with us.


First Saturday Swing strives to be an active part of the community. We want to share our dream and goals with liked minded individuals, those who are dedicated in bringing others into our dance scene. In addition to the word of mouth and social media, we’d like to be in touch with niches not commonly found.

If there is interest in becoming an active promoter for First Saturday Swing, please get in touch with us.

DJs and Musicians

Visit here for more information about DJ’s and musicians.