Line Dances

Come join us and "Stomp Off!"
Come join us and “Stomp Off!”

Come join us on the main dance floor as we invite the crowd to perform one of the swing line dances to the rest of the audience! Once in a while, the DJ will play a song that corresponds to one of the well known line dances. Join us on the dance floor, even if you don’t know the entire sequence of steps yet! The following is a description of the more popular line dances.

The Shim Sham is a line dance typically danced to T’aint what you do by Jimmie Lunceford. Frankie Manning, the founding father of Lindy Hop, created the version that is most commonly done to this song. There is an excellent video on the entire routine, as well as the breakdown of the steps by Patrick and Natasha Ouimet.

Trankee Doo is another line dance consisting of spirit moves and done to Chant of the Groove by Fats Waller or The Dipsey Doodle by Chick Webb.

The Big Apple is an extremely fast dance that inspired a lot of the current jazz dance movements. It is most often done to The Big Apple Contest.

There are many more line dance routines that exist in the world, all with slight variations to the sequence of moves. Hope you dancers find the time to jump in and learn the dances!