Birthday Jam

Birthday Cake celebration
I like pie, I like cake; I like anything you bake! 
Every month we offer complimentary admission to any individuals if their birthday falls on the month of our event. We are excited to have our fellow dancers celebrate their special anniversary with us.

What’s a birthday jam? It’s a type of dance that happens during our break at 10:30PM. We announce the birthday jammers and invite them to the center of the circle, where they are joined with other out-of-towners. During this time everyone else crowds in and forms a circle around the jammers. A song is played and every couple of seconds a new dancer switches out to dance the jammed dancer. The special individual gets to dance in the center of the circle, with multiple dancers trying to get a chance to dance with them by “stealing them” or sneak themselves as the next partner!

Birthday Details

Is it your birthday month? If so, then First Saturday Swing has a treat for you! Simply reach out to us by sending us a message on ourfacebook group or an email of your name, the month you were born and you will be placed on our birthday list.

Note: The deadline to add your name on to the birthday list is Thursday evening before the event date!

First, you’ll get complimentary admission to the event. As with tradition at First Saturday Swing, we also offer you a commemorative lei to wear for the rest of the evening (if you’d like)! Finally, you are invited to the dance floor at around 10:30PM where other birthdays and out-of-town dancers join in on the birthday jam. One song is played, and dancers cut in every couple of seconds to try and “steal a chance” to dance with you for the next couple of seconds. For the duration of the song, it is the birthday dancer’s change to shine and show off to the dance world that there’s no better place to be than to be on in the center of the dance circle!

Spectators’ Participation

First Saturday Swing Birthday 1.jpg
Even the musicians go in for the birthday jams!

For those not in the center of the birthday jam circle, your participation will make this great! Everyone get up off their seats and gather around them, making that circle as tight and cozy as possible. As the names of the birthdays and out-of-towners are announced, pair up with them and get out there to the center of the dance circle! Introduce yourself, and thank them in advanced for being their first birthday dance partner. Remember, some of those dancers may have never been the center of attention here!

Once the music starts, participants outside of the dancer should clap to the music (on counts 2 and 4). Don’t worry! Your peers will start clapping it off for us! It is polite and acceptable in our community to make as much noise as possible during this time! Jump in and tag out the previous dance partner after they’ve done a little bit of dancing before stealing away the next dance partner. Finally, we’ll sing the birthday song and be on our ways!

First Saturday Birthday 2
Happy Birthday to You!

Note that some of our events will have live bands. Birthday individuals will not be able to get a free admission for that evening, but will instead get complimentary admission to the next month’s event. We will still hold a birthday jam that evening for out of towners and birthday jammers!

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the information below if your birthday is coming up in the next month! Happy Birthday!

Note: The deadline to add your name is the Thursday before the event date!