Family Room

First Saturday Swing blooper 3First Saturday Swing proudly offers a separate cozy room for children to socialize and spend time in. The family room, equipped with a table with coloring books, crayons, and a laptop to keep the kids entertained. We hope to provide a safe environment for kids while the parent can takes lessons and dance without worrying about hiring a baby sitter.


The family room is available from 8PM to 10:30PM. During this time, parents can take the complimentary drop in classes from 8-9PM and still have 90 minutes of dancing to music afterwards. We provide supervision for children of ages from 3 years and older. If it there is an emergency, we will notify you immediately. Cookies, candies, soda and water are offered as refreshments. Notify us in advance if there are restrictions to what they are allowed to consume.

Enjoy the rest of the night


Of course you wouldn’t want them to run around while the parents are out dancing. So here’s two options: take them out to the dance floor for a couple of quick dance lessons or have them enjoy the window view from the family room.

Do the kids like dancing? If not, don’t worry- we’ll make sure  that they get to nap during that time.

Either way, they’re the future of the next dance generation!