First Saturday Swing more picsThe most important thing is to bring in a great attitude and the willingness to learn new things! Other than that, the rest of the items listed will aid you throughout the night and give you the best experience at First Saturday Swing.

Summary: Bring comfortable shoes, a reusable water bottle, deodorant, extra clothes, and a great attitude!


What should I wear? – Saturday night is a great evening to come dress to impress! All those pictures you see on our website and photo albums are made possible by our amazing photographers. With an event occurring once a month, it’s a treat to go all out!

Gentlemen: dress shirts with an optional vest/coat and a tie/bowtie; t-shirts with sleeves or shirts with rolled up sleeves are okay. Pants or slacks are a good choice (jeans are acceptable); avoid shorts.

Ladies: any dress or skirt and blouse combo that covers your back; forget spaghetti straps and tank tops with exposed shoulders. There are many different type of acceptable shoes in the lindy scene. Converses are growing in popularity; two tone dress shoes are acceptable. But bottom line is to dress comfortably and to dress in layers (as it gets warm).

Comfortable shoes are ergonomically important, as it reduces the likelihood of a chronic injury due to improper shoe design. The floors at the event are sprung, which means it wouldn’t hurt as much dancing on these floors over long periods of time as it absorbs some of the shock from landing on it. Having comfortable shoes will translate to a better experience throughout the night and a quicker recovery the next couple of days.

First Saturday Swing Pose 2Do you need special shoes? No, but keep in mind that rubber soled shoes will catch the floor and you might trip as a result. Otherwise, any shoes with a smooth surface will suffice. Avoid black shoes that leave a mark on the floor when sliding (usually the case when it has a rubber sole). Women can choose to wear flats, pumps or heels. This is a fast dance, and it might be better to start off with shoes for comfort before transitioning to stylish pairs.

Want to dress up to the nines? We enjoy having dancers looking their best, and it gives our photographers many opportunities to capture you in the best shots!

Water Bottles

When going into this type of dance, the one thing you will immediately notice is the natural tendency to sweat. Stay hydrated with water and periodically change out wet clothes. In the colder seasons of San Diego, cooling off in sweaty clothes will put you at risk for hypothermia. Bring extra clothes if you’d like to change out to a dry shirt. Our venue has decent air conditioning and ventilation but it will not always keep up with the cooling demands of some nights. We also offer refreshments to keep dancers cool throughout the night.

First Saturday Swing Lindy 2Breath mints are provided at our venue as peppermint candies. It helps remove some of the odors, and it may be helpful during closer dances.

Deodorant is one of the effective ways to mask some body odors. Unfortunately, there might be a situation where a person cannot tell if their body odor is offensive. The best case to have an enjoyable dance is to be sure to put on some deodorant. In addition, drink lots of water or clear liquids will reduce the potential for smell.